April 7, 2015

Mo's Comfy-Fit Unders & Trainers for Pattern Revolution

Mo's Comfy Fit Unders & Trainers, a review for Pattern Revolution | The Inspired Wren

I love these colors: the pale coral-y pink, the icy mint, the bright ribbed coral, the simple black & white stripes. I can't find fabric like this at my local fabric stores. And wait till you see where I found the fabric! 

Here’s common tip I've only just started using myself: head to your local big-box discount store (i.e. Walmart) and hit the plus-size tee-shirt sales rack – a great source of fabric! For about $3 each I was able to purchase these beautiful colors and stripes in 100% cotton and a cotton/poly/lycra-blend ribbed-knit. Obviously the larger the size, the more fabric you’ll walk away with (Women’s 5X for the win!). I always find a greater range of colors and patterns in tees than I do on the bolts at my local fabric store.

The plus-size tee-shirt sales rack is a great source of knit fabric in fabulous colors & patterns (Women's 5X for the win!) | The Inspired Wren

Yes, I have become the crazy sewing lady that stalks Walmart plus-size sales tee shirts for knit fabric. I've become the crazy sewing lady who goes to the mall and thinks, "I can't buy that when I can easily sew it." I've become the crazy sewing lady that sews every stitch of clothing. Even underpants.

This week at Pattern Revolution I'm reviewing Mo's Comfy Fit Unders & Trainers. I volunteered for this one not because I really need to sew every stitch of clothing, but because there are a few underpants patterns floating around right now and, well, I was curious.

Mo's Comfy Fit Unders & Trainers, a review for Pattern Revolution | The Inspired Wren

I can now dress The Peanut in entirely handmade from the inside out. I just need to figure out how to produce socks and I'll be able to say, "from head to toe!" Until then, head over to Pattern Revolution to see more detailed pics of these Unders and read my full review of the pattern.

PS -- If there's a sensory defensive child in your life, these undies with no elastic or tags, and with seams off pressure points are a great sew!

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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