Camp Pocket Pillow

Sew a travel reading pillow perfect for camping from a wide selection of novelty fabrics -- great for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts! | The Inspired Wren

The Peanut’s Camp Pocket Pillow, sewn in the Spring of 2018, has made its way onto her bed permanently. I think it’s safe to say my girl scout is sorely missing her scouting activities during this time of stay-at-home physical distancing.

Crochet Pattern: Chunky Doll Blanket

Quickly hook up a cozy doll blanket with this simple, contemporary crochet pattern.

After completing the Chunky Library-Book Lapghan, I had a large sample swatch plus a few skeins of yarn left over...the beginning and finishing of a doll-sized version of the same blanket. So I made one up for The Peanut. Then I remembered my mama-to-all-dolls niece was about to turn two, so I pulled the softest yarn off the store shelf and made another one just for her. You can, too.

Crochet Pattern: Chunky Library-Book Lapghan

Quickly hook up a cozy lapghan throw blanket with this simple, contemporary crochet pattern.

Chunky Library-Book Lapgahn: Quickly hook up a cozy lapghan throw blanket with this simple, contemporary crochet pattern worked in monochromatic super bulky yarn. | The Inspired Wren

After working in long rows of color-changing, tight single-crochet for over a year (what? some of us take longer to finish a year-long temperature afghan than others), I was ready for something quick and rhythmic in a monochromatic neutral. How about you?

TUTORIAL: Shortcut Quilted Tote

Sew this expensive looking boxy tote from one cut of fabric and in one afternoon.

Great tutorial how to sew a boxy quilted tote bag | Shortcut Quilted Tote on The Inspired Wren

I saw the fabric first, before I had a project for it. Unlike many sewists, I am not a fabric hoarder. But I needed this buffalo check and plaid. So I came up with a reason to buy it on the spot. Go get some for yourself and you, too, can make a Shortcut Quilted Tote in one afternoon!