March 27, 2015

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Staples

Simple knit tees and skirts with shorts define a Summer wardrobe | The Inspired Wren

Last Spring I recreated one of our favorite hand-me-down outfits. All Summer it was the first outfit we reached for every time it was clean. This year, I made two more.

March 25, 2015

Bleach & Dye Denim

Bleach damaged jeans can be fully bleach and dyed a new color! | The Inspired Wren

Last week I killed seven (7!) pairs of denim in one laundry disaster. This week, I turned two of those seemingly destroyed pants into wearable, color-dyed jeans.

March 20, 2015

Forget Me (K)not, Project Run & Play

Tri-Knot Knit Top for Project Run & Play, March 2014 | The Inspired Wren

The March Challenge for Project Run & Play stumped me. I wasn't sure where to take this one. The truth is I've sewn too many dresses and skirts of late; we needed more everyday clothes. And so, at the very last minute -- after briefly debating a swimsuit -- I decided to go full-casual in all knit.

March 19, 2015

PICTORIAL: Spring Bunny Crochet Planter Cover

Darling bunny rabbit crochet planter cover tutorial -- perfect for spring and Easter! | The Inspired Wren

I'm having a lot of fun creating seasonal planter covers for my two, couldn't-kill-them-if-I-tried, 4"-potted plants. So far I've donned them in sweaters and decked them in Santa's red & white. But now the days are finally longer, the air is warming, and Spring is around the corner. I've hooked up a few Spring Bunnies just in time for Easter. And you can, too!

March 3, 2015

Free Printable: [Fabricated] Irish Sewing Blessing

Irish Sewing Blessing [completely made up] -- free printable in multiple sizes and colors | The Inspired Wren

For the month of March I decided I need a new printable for my sewing space. So I completely made up this fake Irish Sewing Blessing. And now you can frame it, too.