February 3, 2016

PRP Herringbone Rejects

As a contestant on Project Run & Play Season 11, I confess I struggled this first week. I found the "Nothing But Knits" prompt to be so broad that I had trouble narrowing down a look. In the end I love where I landed -- completely self-drafted, constructed of delicate knits, and very much The Peanut's style. But it took sewing and setting aside five (5!) other garments to get there. Let's have a look at those today.

February 2, 2016

PRP Week 1: Plum Perfect!

Eeeks! It's here! It's time! PRP waits for no sewer regardless of how many days of leave Mid-Atlantic schools grant amid the Great Blizzard of 2016. (Seven. Seven plus a two-hour delay. Seriously). But! That doesn't matter because I am a contestant for Season 11, Project Run & Play! Read on, learn more, and then GO VOTE!

January 28, 2016

I Heart [Sewing for] You -- Now Available on Tees & More!

It's almost February. Valentine's Day is a little over two weeks away. Time to break out the "I Heart [Sewing for] You" print from last year. Never got around to printing and framing it? Wear it instead!

January 26, 2016

Lock Stitch Defined

Lock Stitch

At the beginning or end of a line of stitching, set your stitch length to 0 and take a couple of stitches in place before changing your stitch to the appropriate length for your project. This acts as a knot, preventing a seam from unraveling at the beginning and end of stitching. Nearly invisible, it can be used in place of back-stitch or hand knotting.

January 21, 2016

Oliver + S Plus Sparkle!

Classic. Oliver + S Library Dress in blue textured cotton | The Inspired Wren

My final project of 2015 was The Peanut's Christmas dress: an Oliver + S Library Dress with bonus (refashioned) bling!

When I add to my family's wardrobes I make a point to never sew or buy items that would only be good for one use. Unless it's Halloween, then I pull out all the stops for a single wear. Seriously. But that's a post for another day. Today we're talking about Christmas, and stitching up a dress that is perfect for the holiday season, yet wearable beyond.

January 19, 2016

Back Stitch Defined

Back Stitch

Sew 2-3 stitches forward, sew 2-3 stitches in reverse, repeat two-three times. This acts as a knot, preventing a seam from unraveling at the beginning and end of stitching. Best used when the stitching remains unseen; avoid using when top- or edge-stitching.