May 21, 2015

Swimming Swimming in the Swimming Pool

My Childhood Treasures Leaotard/Swimsuit 2, View B | The Inspired Wren

This weekend our community pools open for business -- actually, open for play! After last year's success at sewing a bathing suit on the fly and without a serger(!), I decided to give a real pattern a go this year. I present My Childhood Treasures Leotard/Swimsuit 2.

May 19, 2015

Cleaning by Day of the Week

I've been working on that elusive stay-at-home/work-at-home balance. It's so easy for me to get tunnel vision on one task or activity and lose sight of the bigger picture. I've discovered I'll feel most accomplished if I set my three Most Important Tasks for the day to each pull from one category of need -- Home/Family, Self, and Blog. In the home/family category the easiest task to pull is the Day of the Week Clean. 

May 12, 2015

PICTRIAL: Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter

Tutorial: Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter Cover | The Inspired Wren

When I set out to create summer inspired crochet planters, two things popped in my head: ridges and bright colors. It wasn't until after I purchased the yarn and plopped it in my basket that I was reminded of rainbow sherbet. Then, after I set the finished planter down and stepped back, I realized the horizontal ridges are reminiscent of that classic childhood craft, yarn wrapped cans. I love these! What a joyful combination of memories these bring back! I'm so happy they greet me every time I walk up to my kitchen sink. Bring some joy to your plants with a Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter Cover of your own!

May 7, 2015

Craftsy Review (& Discount!): Decorative Shams & Bolsters

LOVE the knife-pleat ruffle! | Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams & Bolsters with Jann Newton | A Craftsy Class Review on The Inspired Wren

I recently had the privilege to review the Craftsy class Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams & Bolsters with Jann Newton. I was so hopeful I would get new bedding for me. The class is fabulous, but The Peanut got the new bedding!

May 5, 2015

Sewing Showcase: Lined Canvas Tote

Fabulous Sewing Showcase of classic Lined Canvas Totes sewn from The Inspired Wren's tutorial.

I get an absolute thrill seeing the creations others have sewn from the tutorials I've put out into the webiverse. I may or may not actually squeak when I come across a new one. Get inspired to sew your own by checking out these fabulous Lined Canvas Tote Bags (with a bonus calculator for sewing one ANY SIZE)!

April 30, 2015

Under-Skirt Legging Shorts: Reliable Tutorials & Patterns

Easy & quick utilitarian sewing: short leggings for modesty under skirts | The Inspired Wren

I spent my elementary years in a school uniform, in a skirt and knee socks. I never wore anything special underneath the skirt. But these days I prefer to send my daughter out of the house with a pair of, let's call them, modesty-shorts whenever she sports a skirt. But what pattern to use?