November 20, 2014

PICTORIAL: The Table Running Trivet

Thanksgiving! I haven't forgotten about it. I'm already planning the dishes in my head that I'll be preparing and serving family style. I'm mentally choosing the serving plates and trays I'll be using. And I'm wondering how I'll protect my table from all that hot food. With a table runner-length insulated-trivet/hot-pad, of course! I've been meaning to sew one since I first hosted extended family for a meal and had to use a mish-mash of pot holders and trivets. As I planned to finally sew it I realized I could make it reversible for year-round use; as I sewed I realized I could write down the directions of my version to share here. So here's a bonus Thursday pictorial post, in case you feel like sewing one up before next Thursday.

Great pictorial illustrating how to sew a table runner that functions as a hot-pad/trivet -- and it's reversible! | The Inspired Wren

November 18, 2014

Couch Craft: Holiday Crochet Planter Cover (with Pattern!)

It's almost time to deck the halls with red and green! (I know last week I was all "Halloween, YAY!," and now I'm all "Christmas, WooHoo!," and you're all "I'm getting whiplash over here and what about Thanksgiving anyway?" Welcome to my brain.) The end of November means it's time to change out the crochet planter covers in my kitchen. This month while watch-listening to TV I crocheted up a few Santa-inspired sleeves so my plants can spread the Christmas cheer, and I've written it down so you can, too.

Crochet Holiday Planter Cover Pattern -- great gift! | The Inspired Wren

November 13, 2014

Inspire Us Thursday, November 13!

November! Time for holiday crafting and you've come to the right place to be inspired.'s Inspire Us Thursday! Time to show it off, link it up, and click around! Link up your creations in fiber: sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, the fiber of your choice.

Today, find inspiration by clicking on a project the SAME color as your current project -- even if the project is in a medium you don't work in. You'll find inspiration looking at creations made in someone else's studio, who knows where it will take you. But first, click here:

Last week's most viewed link: This clever little Camera Lens Cloth Pouch from Sum of their Stories, keeps the lens cloth safe from falling to the ground -- you'll have to click through to see how. AND it's a tutorial so you can make one for yourself. 

November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014: Anatomy of a Tarantula (Costume)

I know, I know, your brain is so far past Halloween that you're mentally stuffing turkeys and already using your best pen to check your gift lists twice. But if I don't get this down and documented now it will be gone. So humor me and think back on glowing jack-o-lanterns and too much candy. [Tangent: Why are all those people giving my kindergartner fist-fulls of candy anyway?! One piece is fine, thankyouverymuch.] That same child with a literal overflowing bucket of candy (seriously enough with the candy, people!) had a very clear vision of what she wanted to be this year: I present to you Hairy Tarantula, Age Five.

Hairy Tarantula Halloween Costume: uses foam for shape so it's flexible and comfortable. | The Inspired Wren
All eight of these arms gave me a hug and it was wonderful.