The Lottie Skirt for Pattern Revolution

Today I'm once again over at Pattern Revolution. This time I'm sharing a review of the lovely, tailored Lottie Skirt from Brownie-Goose Designs in this gorgeous, red, graphic print.

Once I had the red print, I decided I wanted a simple denim shirt to go with it so I sewed up a modified Burda 9491, View B in a 40 oz, dark wash. Still stretching up, The Peanut is now a size 3-ish wide by size 5-6 tall (though the charts would tell me she's more like a 9-12m wide). I find it's getting harder and harder to sew for her. I used to just add length, now I worry about the armscye/sleeve-cap on shirts and the rise on pants. When I last made this blouse (for a certain mini Mary Poppins) I sewed a straight size 3. Here I drafted a size 3x5 and crossed my fingers it would work. Yay for cap sleeves making it easy. 

Sew a modified Burda 9491 for a classic, denim girl's blouse | The Inspired Wren

This shirt comes with a fun little surprise. And I totally planned it *shakes her head, no.* I wasn't sure which buttons I was going to want on the shirt so I bought both blue and red. But they came in sets of five and, of course, I needed six. I debated putting the odd button on the top, but for the purpose of the review I didn't want to draw the eye away from the skirt. So the odd, blue button went to the bottom where I knew it would be tucked in, out of sight. 

But the skirt is really the star of this ensemble (love me some box pleats!). So head over to Pattern Review to see it on The Peanut and read my honest review.

Sew a simple denim shirt paired with a tailored skirt for classic girls' Summer wear. | The Inspired Wren

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