I’m Ren, a sewer, crocheter, designer, and blogger. While my husband's at work and my daughter's in school, I fill my time by scattering random threads into every corner of my home and by sharing inspired sewing, crochet, and crafts here at The Inspired Wren. My work has been featured on sites such as Sew Mama Sew, Sew Can She, and So Sew Easy, in addition to Craftgawker, Craftsy, Kollabora, All Free Sewing, and All Free Crochet.

I'd love to hear from you! If you have questions or advice or just want to chat, let me know. You can reach out to me at theinspiredwren @ gmail.com. I'll do my best to get back to you within a few days.

I post on The Inspired Wren randomly these days, and sometimes you can also find me on PinterestFlickr, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ren Murphy of The Inspired Wren
Yes, that's my kitchen behind me; it's where I sit while I work on the blog. I cropped out the scattered grocery bags on the floor for you. You're welcome.

How Ren became The Inspired Wren

Ren is short for Renée (and I'll answer to either and probably not even notice which you use). I had a career as a graphic designer for 12+ years until my daughter, The Peanut, was born in 2009. Now I'm working on my career as a wife/mom/homemaker/blogger.

I started sewing as a kid and have only had basic sewing instruction from my mom, from a small home-ec focused 4H club, and most recently, from on-line tutorials. I love the interwebs: blogs, tutorials, and well-written PDF patterns teach me lots of tips, tricks, and techniques, and they even inspired me to try my hand at creating my own patterns and tutorials! I work on a Singer 5817c from the mid-90s—in other words, completely manual, no computer chip or programming. For years I also worked with knits (and finished my seams) without a serger. Now I've added a Brother 1034D [affiliate link] to my "studio." I sew while The Peanut's at school and I love how it challenges my brain on many levels: drafting, construction, technique, color, and pattern! 

Ren, The Peanut, and Mr. Wren in Paris, 2015

I also get restless in the evening. I can’t seem to just sit on the couch and watch TV. I’m so much more contented when my hands are creating something. So I always have a Couch Craft on hand. [Couch Craft: That which you create with your hands while sitting on the couch in the evening watching, or rather listening to, TV.] Most often that translates to crochet. But sometimes it means counted cross stitch or a paper craft. It may also say something about the state of television being produced these days. There are a few shows that make me put down the Couch Craft. Just sayin’.

Thanks to my Graphic Design education I've had some photography classes, once and long ago—back when the dark-room was actually a dark room with negatives and chemicals and photo paper. Now I shoot on a Canon Rebel T3 [affiliate link] with the original lens kit and natural light, and edit in the electronic dark-room that is Photoshop.

I've been inspired by creative blogs for many years. I began The Inspired Wren in 2014 to inspire in turn: showcasing what I’ve made and learned; producing engaging tutorials and patterns; and being an active part of the on-line creative community.

I'm honored that you've given your time to be here with me. Thank you.

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