Year in Review, 2014

2014 Year in Review on The Inspired Wren
The top five posts for 2014: Lined Canvas Tote, Prop-Up Tablet Case, Simple Mesh Bag, Tissue Pack Cover, and Three-Ten Tote

Happy Anniversary! The Inspired Wren is officially one year-old this week. And it's been an amazing year. Let's take a quick look back...

The Inspired Wren, By The Numbers

From January to December 2014 I created 105* projects, including 20 tutorials and 98 posts! Whew! So how did that break down? Let's take a look:

Breakdown of projects by type -- impressive way to see your accomplishments over time | The Inspired Wren

 Breakdown of projects by type -- impressive way to see your accomplishments over time | The Inspired Wren

*Note, not all projects made an appearance on the blog and these numbers fail to include the 30ish tissue packs I sewed for my kid sister's bridal shower in two afternoons.

But what does that really look like? Let's see them all by month, in a certainly incomplete and probably inaccurate (why is the Halloween Tarantula in November?) picture graph:

2014 Year in Review -- Pictures of projects by month give a great overview of work completed | The Inspired Wren

I didn't create links here (compiling the images took long enough, and I'm ready to start making new ones!), but you can find most of these projects using the Blog Archive on the side bar. Of course if you'd like more info on any of the projects, please ask.

I have to say I'm feeling terribly prolific right now. What a confidence boost to sit and compile these numbers and images. It's energizing. Which is good, because I have grand plans for the coming year -- an updated posting schedule, some architectural tweaks for the blog, sewing-along with a couple of challenges, crocheting (and sharing) a Square-a-Month Sampler Afghan, and lots of clothes for the ever-stretching bean pole that is The Peanut. So thank you for reading along and creating with me this past year. Here's to an equally eventful and prolific 2015!

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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