September 29, 2015

Square 9! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler (September)

Crochet Along Afghan Sampler 2015 from The Inspired Wren | CAL with 2 squares per month for a complete blanket in one year!

It's time, my hooking peeps, for Square 9 of 10, September, of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler. Cables; what more can I say?

Welcome back! I don't know about you, but I always crochet on my couch in the evening while listening to TV (there are very few shows I put down the hook to actually watch). I refer to it as my "couch craft." No matter the time of year it's not perfect until I'm cozy with a blanket, and my favorite blanket to cuddle under is my navy Crochet Cable Afghan. So, of course, I had to include a tribute to it here.

Gorgeous cable! -- Crochet Cable, Square 9 of 10 of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

If you're just now finding us, we are crocheting a contemporary afghan sampler; hooking one stitch into two separate squares each month. Of course you can join in at any time and finish a blanket on your own schedule. You can stitch the squares in any order, but be sure to read Square 1, January first -- it explains the color scheme and overall process.


This month we are working square 9 of 10 (only one more after this! whee!!!). Cables. I learned to work cables completing an entire Cable Throw by Michele Maks. Here I've worked a single, center cable with two accenting raised ribs on one side of the square, and two cables with four ribs on the reverse. As with the Vertical Ribs of Square 4, the cables and ribs fall in different locations on the front and the back -- if you read the pattern carefully, you'll notice the odd rows have one four-row repeat and the even rows have a different four-row repeat. The cables are worked in Rows 7 and 8 by skipping two front post double crochet, creating two front post double crochet in the next two stitches, and then going back and working two front post double crochet in those first two skipped stitches.

Reversible Crochet Cable, Front and Back Square 9 of 10 of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren
Front (left) with one cable; Back (right) with two cables.

NOTE: You can choose to stitch a one-sided square this month. If you would like the single cable with a flat back: beginning row 3, hook only the ODD rows as per the pattern, and single crochet across all even rows. Likewise, if you'd prefer a two cabled square with a flat back: beginning row 3, single crochet across all odd rows, and hook only the EVEN rows as per the pattern.

Love the cables! -- Crochet Cable, Square 9 of 10 of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

H/8 - 5.00MM, or size needed to obtain 9"x 9" square

Colors C and A -- For me that means Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue (Color C) and Grey Heather (Color A)

Stitch (in US crochet terms)
st: stitch
sk: skip
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
fsc: foundation single crochet
fpdc: front-post double crochet


NOTE: The first time you work rows 3 and 4, work the fpdc by hooking a dc around the sc below. All remaining fpdc will work into the post of a previous fpdc.

Row 1: Working in Color C, ch 39, sc in second stitch from hook and each ch across OR 38 fsc; 38 stitches

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc across; 38 stitches

Rows 3: Ch 1, turn, sc 13, fpdc, sc 3, fpdc 4, sc 3, fpdc, sc 13; 38 stitches

Row 4: Ch 1, turn, sc, fpdc, sc 4, fpdc 4, sc 4, fpdc, sc 8, fpdc, sc 4, fpdc 4, sc 4, fpdc, sc: 38 stitches

Row 5: Repeat Row 3; 38 stitches

Row 6: Repeat Row 4; 38 stitches

Row 7: Ch 1, turn, sc 13, fpdc, sc 3, sk 2 fpdc in next 2, fpdc in previously skipped 2, sc 3, fpdc, sc 13; 38 stitches

Row 8: Ch 1, turn, sc, fpdc, sc 4, sk 2 fpdc in next 2, fpdc in previously skipped 2, sc4, fpdc, sc 8, fdpc, sc 4, sk 2 fpdc in next 2, fpdc  in previously skipped 2, sc 4, fpdc sc; 38 stitches 

Row 9: Repeat Row 3; 38 stitches

Row 10: Repeat Row 4; 38 stitches


Rows 11-50: Repeat within *** five more times; 38 stitches each row

Row 51: Repeat Row 3; 38 stitches

Row 52: Repeat Row 4; 38 stitches

Border: *work 38 sc along one side of the square, ch 1 (does not count as stitch); repeat from * on each side of the square. Yarn off, and weave in ends.

Repeat with Color A for a second, separate square.

[Edited 10/16/15 to include missing stitches in Row 8.]

Love this colorway! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler 2015 from The Inspired Wren | CAL with 2 squares per month for a complete blanket in one year!


We're getting super close now! Square 10 will release on Tuesday, October 27. The last Tuesday in November will be for joining and bordering so you'll have the month of December to finish your blanket before the New Year. The last Tuesday in December I'll open a link party here on the blog so you can share finished pictures of your afghan from Flickr, Instagram, or a blog post. Should we have a chance for a prize if you complete in time to join the link party? Of course! The link party will stay open until the last Tuesday in January -- so really you'll have two months to finish the joining and bordering, YAY!

Don't forget you can now subscribe to The Inspired Wren to get new posts delivered right to your in-box -- no need to search out the next square, it'll come right to you. Remember to upload your progress to our Flickr Group and tag your Instagram shots with #afghansampler so we can all cheer each other on and answer questions as they come up.


Looking for the rest of the squares? Click on the Crochet Along tab a the top of this site!
Other questions? Size? Rows? Border Count? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!

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  1. Save yourself from sewing them all together and give them away as dishcloths!

    1. I'm totally going to appropriate this suggestion in a December post; it's perfect for people who don't complete the full set of 20, so they don't feel it was time and yarn wasted. Thanks!

  2. Have only just found this Crochet Along, will have to do some serious hooking. Love it!

  3. The textures of the squares are just gorgeous:)

  4. Has there been a correction issued for row 8? Compare to row 4. Should be sc 4, fpdc after first cable, before sc 8.

    1. You are correct and the first person to point it out! Thank you. I will be updating the pattern as soon as possible.

  5. thanks for commenting on error in row 8... I
    thought I was going crazy!

  6. have not been terribly successful with this pattern yet.. After lots of attempts got to row 8 measured it and it was 10 ' wide so undid it and tried a 4mm hook but still too big.... frustrated so put it away and will try again tomorrow

  7. I've had success with this block after a few tear-outs and re-dos.I just don't feel that the texture of it goes well with the other blocks. It feels too bulky to me.

    1. You know, my first version was even more dense -- more cables on each side. I agree this one is still thick. You could do the cables and ribs on just one side, or substitute a different stitch of your choice for this month. Let me know what you do, I LOVE variations!

  8. Is there a delay in posting the next square or have I missed it.? Thought it was due Oct 27???

    1. No delay. It's up now and has been since Tuesday. If you go to the Home page, it's currently the first post. It's also linked on the Crochet Along page.

    2. thanks ...I found it... Thankyou for doing this month by month project. I have been battling with breast cancer and found doing your squares a great distraction and looks like a I will have a lovely blanket at the end. Will have to find something similar once this is finished.

    3. Oh that warms my heart. Thank you for sharing with me.

  9. This is such a great idea!Do you think cotton yarn would work as well?

  10. I've been enjoying this project! I'm making mine slightly larger at 5 x 6 squares, so each square is done in all 3 colors. This square turned out too stiff for me, so I thought to substitute it with the snapdragon stitch, but it felt like it was too lacy when compared to the other squares. Since this project was all about learning new stitches, I decided to take on the star stitch here and I loved the end result. It's not reversible like most of the other squares, but I didn't mind the texture on the back side. My gauge is quite similar to yours, although I never came close to the number of rows you did. If anyone wants to try the star stitch, I started with ch 44 and that gave me 20 stars. You would add or subtract 2 chains per star depending on your needs.

  11. Can you send me link to all crochet square 1,2,3,etc.

    1. See if this works:

  12. Hello. My square really doesn't fit to the others. It's too big. I know that squares shoud be aproximately 9"×9" and others are not equal to, but in my opinion It will be problem to join them together so I don't know what to do now. Grettings form Poland☺

    1. I've found that my squares also vary in sizes. My solution is to adjust the size of the border to make all squares equal.

  13. HELP! I am on square 9 (I left it for last since I don't know cables at all) and I am beyond confused. For rows 7 & 8 where you say "sk 2 fpdc in next 2, fpdc in previously skipped 2", does this mean to skip to the 3rd & 4th post do the fpdc in those and then go back and fpdc in the 1st & 2nd post? Then how do I get the next sc all the way over? Please forgive the naivete. Now I know why I've never worked cables!

    1. I tried what I thought was right and got some weird cable going. I have 2 squares to go for this afghan and now I'm stuck-HELP!!!!