Itty Bitty Baby Circle Skirts

Itty Bitty Baby Circle Skirts of adorableness | The Inpsired Wren

Itty bitty baby circle skirts. Need I say more?

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Seriously? You need me to say more?! Um...

I made some cute skirts. 

Adorably itty bitty tiny baby circle skirts.

Darling! Itty Bitty Baby Circle Skirts | The Inspired Wren

It took me about an hour, including pulling out the fabric, elastic, and pattern.

I used supplies I already had on hand.

Love a good circle skirt! Itty Bitty Baby Circle Skirts | The Inspired Wren

Yes, of course I'll be sending these to my sister with the Changing Pad & Diaper Caddy; I figured as long as I was already putting together a package I might as well sew some tiny adorableness.

So I did.

Itty Bitty Baby Circle Skirts of adorableness | The Inpsired Wren


Little Baby Circle Skirt, Made Everyday with Dana


Tutti Fruitti Embossed Splash Tropical, Turquoise and Yellow; Tutti Fruitti Tonal Stripe, Turquoise (all Joann's Fabric)


I missed the step to sew down the edges of the elastic; that would have made for a cleaner finish. I also serged the inner circle and then sewed the skirt right sides together with the elastic so it flips down unlike the original pattern.


This project was fabulously fast with truly adorable results.

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