April 30, 2015

Under-Skirt Legging Shorts: Reliable Tutorials & Patterns

Easy & quick utilitarian sewing: short leggings for modesty under skirts | The Inspired Wren

I spent my elementary years in a school uniform, in a skirt and knee socks. I never wore anything special underneath the skirt. But these days I prefer to send my daughter out of the house with a pair of, let's call them, modesty-shorts whenever she sports a skirt. But what pattern to use?

Let me stop here and inform you that I am in no way compensated for, or an affiliate of, any of the following links. These are honestly the resources that I reach for when I'm sewing. I just want to share these with you.

There are a lot of patterns and tutorials out there, which can make it difficult to choose. Here are four sources that I rely on:

4 Reliable Tutorials & Patterns for Sewing Children's Leggings | The Inspired Wren

  • Top: The first tutorial, from Make It & Love It, clearly explains how to trace an existing pair of leggings into a pattern and features an elastic casing.
  • Bottom: The second tutorial, just out this week from Dana Made It, is a video with instructions for sewing on a regular sewing machine or on a serger. It also features variations on tracing/creating your pattern and on the waistband and hems. They make it look so easy. Because it is.
  • Middle Left: I have yet to sew this pattern from Oliver + S, but if it's like other Oliver + S patterns, I'm sure it's a mini master class in sewing technique. You can purchase the Playtime Leggings as a single or as part of the Playtime ensemble.
  • Middle Right: Finally, one of my tried n' true patterns, the Go To Leggings feature various lengths and embellishment options, plus an attached skirt. These are the only leggings in this list to include the shorts length perfect for underneath skirts. Of course you could make any of the above into shorts, the difference here is this one has already done it for you.

Easy & quick utilitarian sewing: short leggings for modesty under skirts | The Inspired Wren
Clearly I'm on a red, white, & blue kick these days.

As The Peanut moves more into wearing skirts and dresses I have found a need for more of these leggings as modesty shorts. Even though I've recently sewn up a pile of undies, I still don't want the world to see them while she's wearing them. I already had the Go To Leggings pattern out after making those Summer Knits Staples last month, so I decided to quickly sew up a trio of shorts. These were cut and completed in one quick morning; utilitarian sewing at it's best. They round out her current wardrobe nicely. Like so...

Easy & quick utilitarian sewing: short leggings for modesty under skirts | The Inspired Wren
Top: Lottie Skirt, Middle: Charlotte Dress, Bottom: Penny Vintage Dress

PS -- Thanks for reading to the end. If you're looking for other wardrobe staples check out these two tried n' true patterns I reach for every Spring/Summer!

Tried n' True Patterns | The Inspired Wren

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  1. I'm all for leggings/shorts under skirts and dresses for little ones. These are perfect! Thanks for also showing what they look like when the dress/skirt is covering them.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. When I was producing this post I had a moment where I wasn't sure how to model them. I'm glad to hear this worked.

  2. Wow, these under skirt shorts are really very cute. Will get same for my little princess but first have to buy alo yoga pants for my workout sessions as need to shed weight. Really want to buy from a good and reliable online store only!