April 28, 2015

Square 4! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler (April)

Vertical Ribs: Square 4 (April) of the 2015 Afghan Sampler -- Crochet along and have a finished blanket at the end of the year! | The Inspired Wren

It's time once again for the next square! Square 4 (April) of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler is Vertical Ribs. Slightly more dense than previous squares, the ribs are worked on both sides keeping the blanket reversible.

I hope things are hooking up easily for you and you're making great progress. Just think, when you finish these squares you'll have the entire top row complete ...along with half of row three and half of row four. Look at you go! 


If you're just joining us, don't panic! The squares work up quickly and you can easily catch up: be sure to START HERE -- you can work the squares in any order, but the introductory post will help you plan your afghan color-scheme.

Speaking of colors, this fourth square will be worked up in Colors A & B. As I said above, this fabric is a little heavier, or stiffer, in comparison to our previous squares, but it should still work within the afghan. The vertical ribs are created on both sides with a front post double crochet and three single crochet stitches between each rib; one side will have eight ribs, the reverse will have nine. You should be a pro at front post double crochet after the basket weave of Square 2, so this will be a breeze. Like so...

Vertical Ribs: Square 4 (April) of the 2015 Afghan Sampler -- Crochet along and have a finished blanket at the end of the year! | The Inspired Wren

H/8 - 5.00MM, or size needed to obtain 9"x 9" square

Colors A and B -- For me that means Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather (Color A) and Light Country Blue (Color B)

st: stitch
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
fhdc: foundation half double crochet
fpdc: front-post double crochet


Row 1: Working in Color A, ch 37, hdc in third stitch from hook and each ch across OR 35 fhdc; 35 stitches

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count here and throughout), turn, sc, fpdc, [sc 3, fpdc], repeat within [] 8 times, sc; 35 stitches
Row 3: ch 1, turn, [sc 3, fpdc], repeat within [] 8 times, sc 3; 35 stitches

Rows 4 - 48: repeat Rows 2-3 {NOTE: each FPDC should be stitched into the FPDC two rows below -- the FPDC of row 4 will be worked into the FPDC of row 2, the FPDC of row 5 will be worked into the FPDC of row 3, and so on}; 35 stitches each row

Border: *work 38 sc along one side of the square, ch 1 (does not count as stitch); repeat from * on each side of the square. Yarn off, and weave in ends.

Repeat with Color B for a second, separate square.

*Edited 5/1/15 to the correct row repeats.


I've gotten feedback that some people found this square difficult to understand as written above. Here's a LEFT-HANDED video of me creating a sample swatch. Please keep letting me know if you think you've found a mistake or just can't figure out a square here and moving forward, and I'll keep doing my best to help you crochet a finished afghan.

Quick Tip: Watch the video in a mirror so it appears right-handed. (It's an old left-handers' trick. Your're welcome.)


Get hooking! QUICK TIP: Use stitch markers on the end of your rows to keep count. This is the first square of the afghan where I couldn't easily count rows by sight and found I needed them. I like to use one color to mark every two rows (all along the same side) and a second color for every ten. I just keep moving up the two-row markers and leave behind only the ten-rows markers. No stitch markers? I've also been known to keep a pencil and scrap of paper nearby for old-school tally marks. Or download a free counter app for your smart phone. Do what works for you.

Use stitch markers efficiently to count rows along one side of your work; one color for 2s, a second color for 10s -- move the 2s up after you add the next 10 | Crochet Along Afghan Sampler at The Inspired Wren
Use stitch markers to count rows along one side of your work; one color for 2s, a second color for 10s -- move the 2s up after you add the next 10.

To stay on track, you'll want to have eight finished squares (in four different stitches) completed by Tuesday, May 26 (release date for Square 5, May). You can do it! Don't forget to label your squares. Then upload your progress to our Flickr Group and tag your Instagram shots with #afghansampler so we can all cheer each other on!


Looking for the rest of the squares? Click on the Crochet Along tab a the top of this site!
Other questions? Size? Rows? Border Count? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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    ROW 2 = SC, FPDC (,3SC, 1 FPDC) 8 TIMES = 34 STITCHES NOT 35


    1. The typo was in the repeat. It should have read as it does now, "repeat Rows 2-3." Row two has 35 stitches, you forgot the last SC at the end.

      I'm so sorry for the confusion. Thank you very much for alerting me to the typo! I'd give you the credit, but I don't know who you are.

    2. I've added a left-handed video of how to crochet this square as written in the pattern. You'll notice there are no BPDC. I hope this helps.

  2. I'm having a lot of trouble with this square... My ribs are coming out more diagonal than vertical and on the other side they're barely visible. Is there a video you could recommend to help me out? I find it clarifies things when I can follow along with someone else. I would greatly appreciate it! :-)

    1. Hmm. I'm left handed, and not video savvy enough to flip a video for you if I were to attempt to make one myself. Let me do some research and get back to you.

    2. Okay this one is one-sided, but it clearly shows the technique. In Square 4, instead of 1 single-crochet between each front post, we're adding 3. And then do the same on the reverse (instead of just single crochet across as in the video below). Of course you could also keep it one-sided, if you prefer -- do it exactly like the video below and achieve a similar look.


      Would you like me to attempt a left-handed, very amateur video of Square 4? Or would that be more confusing for you?

    3. I've added a video -- it's left handed, but hopefully it will still help! Let me know how it's coming.

  3. Row 3: ch 1, sc, bpdc, [sc 3, bpdc] across to end, sc, 35 stiches
    I think the pattern is wrong, it doesn't look anything like your sample square. I don't wish to offend you but I think it's wrong. Thanks, Michelle

    1. Michelle,

      The Row 3 you've written here would continue the vertical ribs on one side of the square only. The goal of this square is to create ribs on BOTH sides. In this Square, the ribs do not line up front to back, rather they stagger -- where you see a flat vertical on the front, you will see a rib on the back.

      As you've written it out in your comment, you would only create ribs on the front of the Square. You've neglected the back side.

    2. Michelle,
      I've added a video showing a sample swatch of this stitch. I hope it helps you understand the pattern as originally written.

    3. Thanks, it did help,very much. Sometimes seeing it done makes the pattern easier.

  4. Ren,
    I have not been counting rows just measuring to 9" and crocheting 38 around the edges.
    This square starts with 35. Are we to add 3 sc for the outer edge?
    How are the squares going to be joined? I'm afraid I won't be able to join them.

    1. It's fine not to count and go by 9" measurements. It's correct to crochet 38 stitches on each side. And yes, that means adding in 3 stitches on the width side of this square.

      I'm still deciding on how I will join all the squares. I began the project with the idea of an invisible join or a whip-stitch. But to be honest, I'm open to suggestions and plan to ask for them in August/September.

  5. Hello! I'm about a year behind. I carefully watched the video and tried this several times however I'm still having difficulty with this square and would like to use a different pattern. Could I repeat any of the other months in place of this? Or would that mess up the pattern?