December 18, 2014

Hand Sanitizer Jackets, Check!

I'm making my lists. And checking them twice. As of today the teacher gifts are checked!

Hand Sanitizer Jackets make a great teacher gift -- personalize something teachers want and need!

I made the first of these little jackets almost four years ago, for The Peanut's very first teachers. I needed one to hang off my own Momma-bag at the time. The sanitizer bottles in the stores that are made to hook on a bag were too small for my needs, but the slightly bigger, portable bottles were always getting lost in the bottom of my bag. Once I worked up the pattern I started making them in batches to give as gifts. And I haven't stopped.

Hand Sanitizer Jackets make a great teacher gift -- personalize something teachers want and need!
Which would you choose for your bag?

I knew all along that I was going to give the team of teachers that work with The Peanut Hand Sanitizer Jackets. You can guess my delight when the Room Parent for her class sent around this Sign-Up Genius for items on the teacher's wish list. I made the five jackets and packaged them together with two giant bottles of hand sanitizer. Done and Done. 

Sign Up Genius for Teacher Wish List

This is a quick project that uses scraps from your stash. You can easily whip up half a dozen in one afternoon. So there's still time! Don't forget your child's Sunday school teacher, dance instructor, and soccer coach, too. Get the tutorial for the Hand Sanitizer Jacket here.

Hand Sanitizer Jacket Tutorial | The Inspired Wren

The Peanut went through and decided which jacket was for which teacher. And then she never wavered as we labelled them. She clearly thought about it. Adorable. It feels great to not only give a gift to this amazing team, but to know I'm giving them something they need and asked for. Plus! I was able to personalize it with a little something sewn. But what I would really love (for the next time) is a cute little saying to go with it. Teacher appreciation week will be coming up in the spring and I'd love to make a free printable gift tag for anyone to download and use; one that would work when giving the Hand Sanitizer Jacket as a gift to a teacher. Anyone have an idea?

Hand Sanitizer Jackets make a great teacher gift -- personalize something teachers want and need!
I totally mixed up the innards and the outsides that I had planned -- went with it anyway.

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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