Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Even when I can't hand make every gift, I still enjoy making the packaging special. So much so that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it. There's still two sleeps until Christmas, plenty of time to add a special touch to your wrapping. Unless, of course, you were done and wrapped back in August (go you!) -- just keep these ideas in mind for next year then.

Last minute gift inspiration without a trip to the store for more wrapping supplies.
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But wait! You don't have any craft paper on hand and the thought of heading to a store, any store, two days before Christmas and gives you the sweats? One year I opened up and ironed out paper grocery bags. True story; there's no printing on the inside. Do you use freezer paper when you sew (for patterns or stencils)? White would also be lovely.

These oragami boxes are made from book pages, but you could easily use craft paper. They're perfect for candies, gift cards, or jewelry. Get the directions at Creature Comforts.

Origami Boxes from Creature Comforts featured on The Inspired Wren

I love cross-stitching and embroidery done on paper. This wrapping could almost be framed and pulled out annually as part of your christmas decor. As the author says, it takes just a few "ingredients" to put together. See the original on A Little Empty Room. (Can't read German? Hit Google translate.)

Cross Stitched Wrapping from A Little Empty Room featured on The Inspired Wren

This next packaging is so simple, yet has such a great impact. I love the look of the red ribbon and gold Sharpie on the brown paper. Elegant! See it on Winter Warmth.

Simple yet elegant wrapping from Winter Warmth featured on The Inspired Wren

Be sure to check out my Gifting board on Pinterest for even more ideas, including sewing your own gift bags, or wrapping with scraps.

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And finally, you must check out this video from Dana Made It! Brilliant, perfect bow-tying made easy. 

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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