Year in Review, 2015

The Inspired Wren, 2015 Year in Review

Happy Anniversary! The Inspired Wren turns two-years-old this week. Let's take a quick look back at 2015...

The Inspired Wren, By the Numbers

From January to December in 2015 I created over 137* objects; 79 of those were shared in 55 blog posts here and in other posts around the web. How does that break down? Like this:

By the Numbers, Year in Review 2015 | The Inspired Wren

*I'm confident that number is wholly inaccurate. For example, how exactly do you count the two blouses sewn after creating four non-wearable muslins for fit? Is that two objects or six? [Hint: one, because I forgot about all the muslins and also the one I didn't wear because the fabric was too stiff.]

By the Numbers, Year in Review 2015 | The Inspired Wren

Comparing this chart to 2014's chart, I see I made a wider variety of items this year. I know for certain I used a wider variety of fabrics in 2015; I finally started spending most of my time in the Apparel sections of the fabric stores, appropriately. 

Those 31(!) sewing accessories? They include 30 previously un-blogged Hand Sanitizer Jackets I made for my sister's baby shower in November. And I didn't even include the tag printable in the "Other Other" count at all.

Perfect Baby Shower Favors: Hand Sanitizer Jackets -- "Clean Before Cuddles! Get germ free for new baby snuggles." | Get the sewing pattern on The Inspired Wren
Clean before Cuddles, Get germ free for new baby snuggles.


But what were the Top Ten Posts published in 2015?

Top Ten Posts in 2015, sewing and crochet from The Inspired Wren

  1. By far and away the most popular posts all year long were the Afghan Sampler Crochet Along. I confess I started to burn out near the end of creating that afghan, but knowing so many people were out there crocheting along with me and, more importantly, waiting for the next set of instructions kept me going. These posts alone would form the Top Ten and then some, but let's group them as one for this list.
  2. These planters made me incredibly happy when I looked at them on my windowsill. I'm tickled to see they ranked so high in 2015. I didn't notice how well received this pattern was in the shadow of the Sampler. 
  3. Huzzah! Another planter cover. I have four crochet planter cover patterns so far, but I foresee more in the near future.
  4. PICTORIAL: Seat Belt Cozy Cover
    I've got a list of pictorial and tutorial ideas waiting for 2016, so I'm happy to see this one is was well received. More importantly, it is still helping The Peanut sit properly in her seat to this day.
  5. I Heart [Sewing for] You, Free Printable!
    I still love this one and it's almost time to take it out again! Look for more printables and maybe even some tees, totes, and screen savers in 2016.
  6. Something New: Oslo Cardigan
    I still wear the heck out of this one! I love it. And it was just supposed to be a wearable muslin! It has a twin solid black one that I never shared here. And then I kept trying to sew for myself and had so much trouble with fit. I nearly derailed my entire year with a string of misses. Back to sewing for The Peanut. For now.
  7. Under-Skirt Legging Shorts: Reliable Tutorials & Patterns
    This round-up still brings visitors. And the shorts I sewed for this post are still in heavy rotation. I should really whip up some more -- round-ups and under-skirt shorts.
  8. Bundle Up! It's a New Spring Coat
    I love this set: the coat and the dress underneath. They are both still worn frequently (weather permitting). But that fabric for the coat, it really is perfect isn't it?
  9. Free Printable: [Fabricated] Irish Sewing Blessing
    I love that you can read the large print on this one and still see a good message: "Ever Plentiful, Forever Sharp, Eternally Full." I wish that applied to my energy levels. This one will come back as a tee, tote, or screen saver this year, too.
  10. Surprise Lullaby Layette!
    Squee! Itty bitty baby clothes in adorable, impossibly soft knit for the win! I have a new baby burrito niece and an itch to once again sew an entire top out of one fat quarter -- this may have to be a monthly series in 2016.


I had a few favorite projects of my own this year, too.

Favorite Five (or Six) Posts in 2015 from The Inspired Wren

  1. The backpack was my favorite project of 2015, hands down. I loved working on it. I loved how it came out. I love how much The Peanut still loves it! I love how well it goes with...
    Between the two bags I used more iron-on vinyl than I ever had before. Four months later and both bags are still holding up very well.
  2. Small Fry Skinny Jeans Revisited
    The pattern. The fit. The red. Perfection all. It's the first thing both The Peanut and I reach for out of the dryer.
  3. Project Run & Play: Mademoiselle February
    I confess, The Peanut capital 'h" Hates the culottes -- she can't decide what they are, skirt or pants, so rejects them flatly. It's the one item I've ever sewn for her that I just cannot get her to wear. This means I have a pretty good track record, when you think about it. Regardless, I still love this ensemble and the photos we got from it.
  4. The Lucky Girl Dress
    This one, one the other hand, couldn't be more Peanut if I had designed the fabric and drafted the pattern for her myself. Like the skinny red jeans it is still in heavy rotation and holding up beautifully. 
  5. First Day, First Grade
    This is my favorite outfit of the year. The fabrics, the colorway, the fit -- it's another perfectly Peanut ensemble; the winning trifecta of fabric, pattern, and model that I'm always seeking.

2016 Blog Planning on The Inspired Wren


I'm glad I took the time to compile this post before moving forward into 2016. I had been feeling like 2015 was not a good year for the blog. Family matters kept me from posting consistently; I was experiencing burn-out while completing the Crochet Along Afghan; and the well was pretty dry for tutorials and new projects. But! This past year wasn't so bad now that I've put it all in one place, was it? There are some fabulous clothes The Peanut still wears, a gorgeous blanket because I powered through, and the ideas are beginning to percolate again. I'm also currently incubating a fabulous February project that I cannot wait to share with you! 

So keep reading. And thank you for reading and staying with me through 2015. Here's to a fabulous and prolific 2016 for all of us!

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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