October 27, 2015

Square 10! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler (October)

Crochet Along Afghan Sampler 2015 from The Inspired Wren | CAL with 2 squares per month for a complete blanket in one year!

It's here! It's here! It's the very last square! It's time for Square 10 (of 10!), October, of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler: Spider Stitch.

Welcome back! It's that square we've all been waiting for...the last one! When working on a big project getting to the "last" is always exciting, isn't it? This one is a simple one because unfortunately there's more work to do after it. (Who wants to come join all my squares for me?) But! For now we'll keep things easy with a solid, reversible square in Spider Stitch.

Lovely reversible crochet stitch -- Spider Stitch, Square 10 of 10 of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

If you're just now finding us, we are crocheting a contemporary afghan sampler; hooking one stitch into two separate squares each month. Of course you can join in at any time and finish a blanket on your own schedule. You can stitch the squares in any order, but be sure to read Square 1, January first -- it explains the color scheme and overall process.


This month brings us our final square: Square 10, Spider Stitch. I was introduced to this one thanks to the Craftsy Blog [that's an affiliate link, but it won't cost you anything to read it]. This is my first time using this stitch, and it was lovely to return to a non-counting, rhythmic stitch. The spider stitch is worked with a single crochet, one chain, and another single crochet all worked into one space created by that single chain in the row below. It's as simple as one row repeated to size. Like this...

Great reversible crochet stitch -- Spider Stitch, Square 10 of 10 of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

H/8 - 5.00MM, or size needed to obtain 9"x 9" square

Colors A and B -- For me that means Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather (Color A) and Light Country Blue (Color B)

st: stitch
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
ch-1 sp: space created by chain stitch of previous row


Row 1: Working in Color A, ch 35; 35 stitches

Row 2: Begin in 3rd ch from hook (2 ch counts as 1 st), [(sc, ch 1, sc) in one st; skip 1 ch], repeat with [] across ending with 1 sc in last ch; 50 stitches

Row 3: Ch 2, (counts as st, here and throughout), turn, skip 2 sc, [(sc, ch 1, sc) in one ch-1 sp; skip 2 st], repeat with [] across ending with 1 sc in turning ch; 50 stitches

Rows 4-40: Repeat Row 3; 50 stitches each

Border: *work 38 sc along one side of the square, ch 1 (does not count as stitch); repeat from * on each side of the square. Yarn off, and weave in ends.

Repeat with Color B for a second, separate square.

Love this colorway! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler 2015 from The Inspired Wren | CAL with 2 squares per month for a complete blanket in one year!


Time to catch up! Next month (Tuesday, November 24, to be exact), we will be talking about joining all our squares together -- the pattern, square orientation, and joining method -- and adding a border, too. So get hooking and meet me back here with twenty (20!) completed squares.

Don't forget to upload your progress to our Flickr Group and tag your Instagram shots with #afghansampler so we can all cheer each other on and answer questions as they come up.


Looking for the rest of the squares? Click on the Crochet Along tab a the top of this site!
Other questions? Size? Rows? Border Count? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!

PS -- Need a quick costume for Halloween this Saturday? Throw on a blue skirt and a white blouse with a red bow around your neck, then grab an umbrella and top it off with this...

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  1. I noticed you said chain 35, all other squares are 38. Is this going to mess up the joining process next month... I'll come join yours if you finish mine, I'm on June lol.

    1. You start with a 35-chain but you still end with a border of 38 on each side. If you start with 38, it would be too wide. And, confession...I still have three of my own squares to finish!

  2. I just found the CAL mid-September. I altered it to go with yarn I have, to use it up. That means I do 3 squares per month. I a working on April now. :) I am having so much FUN!!!! Thanks so much! Love learning the new stitches/squares.

  3. The pattern still works as written, but the stitch count for rows 3 and onward is 49 and not 50. I cannot tell you how many times I pulled and restarted trying to get my count right. Almost caught up, this has been so fun!

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  5. Just found this, I hope you leave it up until I can catch up

  6. Yesterday I started this project; the first two sqaires are finished.
    Thank you for the patron
    I’m from Holland