One-Week Crochet Along Delay

I regret to inform you that Square 8, Waves, of the crochet along afghan sampler is currently delayed by one week. Let me explain...

Remember when I said "I'm making this up as I go?" That would be great if I weren't a one-woman show with bit of a perfectionist streak. Here's the problem: my hook is still in my first square and I don't like the proportions -- I really have to pull up on it or it's too wide for our 9-inch sampler. I've pulled out a new hook and am starting the second color with a smaller foundation chain count to see if that creates the 9-inches we are going for. 

Base chain = 46; Rows = 37 (not counting chain)
Here's what I can tell you. This month we'll be working square 8 of 10 (getting close now!), Crochet Waves. I originally found this stitch at Mom's Crochet; we'll be doing the slip-stitch version. The pattern is formed in four rows, each row made up of alternating slip-stitch and half-double crochet.

Start Without Me?

If you really want to give this a go before next week, I am following the pattern as written on Mom's Crochet -- the current one I don't like uses a beginning chain of 46, the one I've just started uses a chain of 36. If you happen to hook fast, try them out and let me know which you prefer!

See you next week with a full, proportionally correct pattern!

The back doesn't yield waves, but this lovely texture instead.

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