June 30, 2015

Square 6! Crochet Along Afghan Sampler (June)

Crochet along to make a contemporary afghan sampler over the course of one year -- have a finished blanket in time for Christmas giving.

It's that time! Ready? Square 6 (June) of the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler, Broad-Striped Moss Stitch, is waiting for you, my friends. 

Broad-Stripe Moss Stitch, Square 6 of 10 for the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

Welcome back! And welcome if you're just joining us, we're thrilled to see you, too. This month's Square features the Moss Stitch, also known as the Granite Stitch or the Sand Stitch. We will work it in a single color for each of our two squares. For your future reference, this stitch can create interlocking colors when changing color within your piece, as seen below. It's a great stitch to have in your crochet toolbox.


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Back to this month's square. Square 6 of 10 for our Sampler is comprised of ten rows of Moss Stitch alternating with 10 rows of Single Crochet. The square has five subtle, broad stripes highlighting the different textures of these two flat stitches. The Moss Stitch is worked up in alternating chains and single-crochets, with the single crochet of one row landing in the chain of the row below it. 

Of course we're going to keep to solid color work for each of our squares. For June, that means working one Broad-Striped Moss Stitch Square in Color C, represented here with Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue; and a second square in Color A, for me that's Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather. Here's how it looks written up... 

Broad-Stripe Moss Stitch, Square 6 of 10 for the Crochet Along Afghan Sampler on The Inspired Wren

H/8 - 5.00MM, or size needed to obtain 9"x 9" square

Colors C and A -- For me that means Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue (Color C) and Grey Heather (Color A)

st: stitch
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
ch-1 sp: space created by chain stitch of previous row


Row 1: Working in Color C, ch 41; begin in 4th ch from hook (3 ch counts as 1 st), [sc, ch 1, skip next st], repeat across, sc in last st; 38 stitches

Rows 2-10: Ch 2 (counts as 1 st, here and throughout), turn, skip first st, [sc in ch-1 sp, ch 1, skip st], repeat within [] across, sc in turning ch; 38 stitches

Rows 11-20: Ch 1 (does not count as st, here and throughout), turn, sc across; 38 stitches

Row 21: Ch 2, turn, skip first st, [sc, ch 1, skip st], repeat within [] across, sc in last st; 38 stitches

Rows 22-30: Ch 2, turn, skip first st, [sc in ch-1 sp, ch 1, skip st], repeat within [] across, sc in turning ch; 38 stitches

Rows 31-40: Ch 1, turn, sc across; 38 stitches

Rows 41: Ch 2, turn, skip first st, [sc, ch 1, skip st], repeat within [] across, sc in last st; 38 stitches

Rows 42-50: Ch 2, turn, skip first st, [sc in ch-1 sp, ch 1, skip st], repeat within [] across, sc in turning ch; 38 stitches

Border: *work 38 sc along one side of the square, ch 1 (does not count as stitch); repeat from * on each side of the square. Yarn off, and weave in ends.

Repeat with Color A for a second, separate square.


Keep on hooking! The next square (Square 7) will release on Tuesday, July 28. Start thinking about your favorite joining method. I haven't decided how I'm going to join these together -- I'm leaning toward a whip-stitch or a mattress-stitch between the squares and a 2"-3" border around all. But! I'm open to suggestions; how do you prefer to join squares? Do you think you'd prefer a crocheted border between the squares? We're over halfway there, we'll need to decide before you know it.

In the meantime, don't forget to upload your progress to our Flickr Group and tag your Instagram shots with #afghansampler so we can all cheer each other on and answer questions as they come up.


Looking for the rest of the squares? Click on the Crochet Along tab a the top of this site!
Other questions? Size? Rows? Border Count? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!

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  1. Does this square have a border of single crochet to match the other squares?

  2. Love the look of this pattern, but I think the stitch counts are incorrect. Are we counting the ch1 as a stitch?

    1. The rising chain does not count as a stitch on any row. On the moss stitch rows there is a 2nd chain, THAT counts as a stitch. Got it?

      Chain + turn on single crochet row: does NOT equal stitch. Chain 2 + turn on moss stitch row: DOES count.

      Does that make sense?

  3. I think I'll need a crocheted border between my squares. I've already chosen my colour :)

  4. I think I prefer a crocheted border between the squares, too. I think it turns out more balanced that way. E2303

  5. Thank you for the subscribe button and yes it does save time .I plan on doing the complete blanket out of my scraps ,but I am crocheting a scarf with a "Web" bundle of 8 different colors in wool .Will post when I've caught up.

  6. What have I done? One side of my work is straight and the other side is wavy: wide during the sc rows and narrow during the moss stitch. I am counting stitches for every row so I know I am not shorting myself.

    1. I think you're okay. Take a close look at the first picture of my square, I have a bit of that going on too. The single-crochet edging will help even yours out, and then I'm counting on the joining to fix the rest.

  7. Im not sure what i am doing wrong but at the end of the first row i have an extra chain stitch causing 2sc at the end of the first row. I decreased the foundation chain to 40 and this seems to have corrected the problem

  8. When I start with ch 41, I end up with 40 stitches. And if I chain 39, I get 38 stitches but then it's only 8.5 inches long.

    1. I must crochet really loose, all my squares are 10 inches i just figured i would end up with a larger afghan. But using 40 chains did the trick for me.

  9. I have followed each month's square pattern, using the same size hook (H) and all my squares are 10", which I'm OK with. Square 6, however, is going to be too "tall". If I go to row 50 I will have a rectangle. So I'm stopping at row 40 and then doing the border. Will post the completed afghan photos.

    1. Mine did that too. Im not sure how to fix it now that they are both done lol.

  10. I know I am a bit late coming to this but I am having trouble with my moss stitch. If i follow the pattern my work gets smaller with each moss stitch panel. What on earth amy I doing wrong?

    1. Did you figure this out? If your stitch count is correct, you could be crocheting more tightly on those rows. You might try using the next larger size hook just for those rows.

  11. When ever i chain 41 foundation chain i always have an extra chain should the foundation chain be 41