Tips for First Day/Last Day Kindergarten Comparison Pics!

Get tips how to best create a side-by-side comparison picture from the first and last days of school! | The Inspired Wren

So this happened. And unlike the first day, I'm a little teary this last day.

The Peanut is clearly no longer a baby. Barely even a little kid. I love it. I hate it. I'm like every other mom out there.

I love the side-by-side comparison in the same outfit. I'll keep doing it as long as she'll let me. Here's hoping I can get her to wear chambray right up until her last day of High School! (Don't rain on my dream; I know it's unlikely, but I'm already a little emotional.)

Get tips how to best create a side-by-side comparison picture from the first and last days of school! | The Inspired Wren


OUTFIT: If you'd like to dress your kiddo for a side-by-side comparison be sure to pick a garment with a loose-fit silhouette and sew/purchase it on the larger size -- you'll want plenty of room to grow. Choose a neutral color and pattern so the attention will be on your child, not the crazy clothes. Or choose a beloved color; document the favorite color and ensure your little one will agree to wear it on both days. The Peanut's favorite color is blue so the blue chambray works well as a neutral and a document of her preference.

LOCATION: Choose a spot with lots of natural light and a simple background. Be sure you'll be able to access the same spot at the end of the year. I love the contrast of our bright, warm front door against The Peanut's beloved blue. The front door also acts like a ruler to measure how tall she's become. A bush could work as well, but it may also grow with your child and then the difference won't be as obvious; stick with something that won't change: a fence, a brick wall, the side of your house, your front door.

PICTURE: As you take the photograph be sure to zoom in so that your child is the full frame, but try not to crop your child's feet or head. Each year I forget to leave more room at the top of the frame on the first day of school for growth by the end of the year -- see how I've hidden that with a field of blue for the title? When you place the images side-by-side scale them to the same size using reference points from the background. Here I've lined up the molding on the door and the bottom of the door; I had to scale the first day image down to align them properly. Now you can really see how much The Peanut has grown! 

Last Day of Kindergarten in the same sewn outfit as the First Day -- Oliver + S Library Dress in Chamray | The Inspired Wren
Last Day of Kindergarten: June 19, 2015

Read more about the Oliver + S Marathon Sewn Library Dress here and all about the Annual Backpack here. Did I mention The Peanut recently announced she doesn't want me to sew her backpack next year. Why does she have to grow up?

I'm going to go have a quiet cup of coffee and find my woo-hoo-last-day-of-school! spirit before Summer officially begins in the Murphy household.

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