Cleaning by Day of the Week

I've been working on that elusive stay-at-home/work-at-home balance. It's so easy for me to get tunnel vision on one task or activity and lose sight of the bigger picture. I've discovered I'll feel most accomplished if I set my three Most Important Tasks for the day to each pull from one category of need -- Home/Family, Self, and Blog. In the home/family category the easiest task to pull is the Day of the Week Clean. 

What I like about this home-keeping method is that it takes just a little every day, rather than killing an entire day cleaning. Plus, if and when -- oh, let's be honest, it's always when, never if -- when I fall behind I don't feel overwhelmed looking at all that needs to be done. I just look at whatever day of the week it is and do that one thing. On the other hand, when I keep consistent week in and week out, each task is super easy because not a lot of dust or grime piles up in just one week.

A few weeks ago I kept myself on task by publicly stating on Instagram my cleaning chore for the day. Here's how that looked; a small peek behind the scene's of what goes on at The Inspired Wren Headquarters...

A single cleaning task for each day of the week -- easy to remember, easy to do! | The Inspired Wren

It's Sunday. Time to switch out the sheets on the beds. Note I said switch out the sheets, not launder the sheets. I may or may not actually get around to washing them on Sunday. I love starting the week on clean sheets -- it's a quick task that helps me feel accomplished before Monday even starts.

Monday is Dustday! I dust each level of the house on Monday. On each floor the last room(s) I dry dust will be the bathroom -- then I'll get a clean duster for the next level -- it'll make tomorrow's work easier. I use swifter dusters and it goes fast. A few times a year I may pull out the spray and dust/polish the few good pieces we have.

Tuesday Toilets...and the rest of the bathrooms, too. Not my favorite day, but not my least favorite either. Hopefully I dry dusted them on Monday, so Tuesday is all wet wipe down: a Clorox wipe here, some ammonia + water there, a swish around the bowl, until it all sparkles. I'll also clean down the shower when I hop in to clean myself.

A single cleaning task for each day of the week -- easy to remember, easy to do! | The Inspired Wren

Wipe Down Wednesday! This one depends on the state of my house. Does the inside of the microwave look more like the inside of a garbage can? Are the fridge and pantry shelves extra crumb-y? Do the mirrors around the house have a film on them? Can I actually see out the front door past the fingerprints? Or is it the TV that's all fingerprinty this week? Don't even get me started on the stainless steel appliances. When The Peanut was itty bitty this was the day I'd be sure that every single toy (not just the favorites) were thrown in the dishwasher or wiped down. Each week this task varies, but there's always something that needs a good wipe down, and Wednesday is the day.

Rugs Thursday. Thursday I break out the vacuum and hit all soft floors -- rugs and carpets, including two flights of stairs and a couple hard bathroom floors. While I have the vacuum out, I'll use the brush attachment on the air intake vents. Some weeks I'll get into every little corner and edge with all my happy attachments, other weeks are just a quick once over and done. Let me note here, our main level is mostly laminate and we sweep that daily; plus we are a no-shoes-in-the-house family. I know there are those who vacuum much more frequently -- power to you! -- I'm happy if I accomplish this once a week go 'round. 

Friday Floors. My least favorite day. I'll give the hard floors a once over with the vacuum. Then I'll go at them again with the steam mop. I think it's the moving the dinning chairs in our main eating area out of the way and back again. Or maybe it's because I end up doing the same floor twice (vacuum + mop). I don't know. I just wish someone else would do this one for me. 

A single cleaning task for each day of the week -- easy to remember, easy to do! | The Inspired Wren

But then...I'm done for the week! Time to kick back and enjoy the weekend ...watching The Peanut track who knows what from who knows where all over my nice clean house. 

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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