One Upcycled Shirt for Kids Clothes Week

Upcycled Henley Tee + Sundress = Flashback Skinny Tee | The Inspired Wren

Last week was Kids Clothes Week. And I sewed. Really I did. Some of it was behind the scenes for upcoming projects; some was by request for The Peanut (must always keep the model happy); and other sewing was out of necessity. But I managed to get one upcycled shirt complete before KCW came to a close.

The Peanut is stretching like a Gumby every day -- growing taller yet thinner as if she were made of clay and someone pulls while she sleeps. As a result she is in desperate need of pants that aren't high-waters and don't slide off her waist at the same time. So of course I made a shirt. 

Upcycled Henley Tee + Sundress = Flashback Skinny Tee  -- Love the graphic B&W floral! | The Inspired Wren

I really wanted to be a part of Kids Clothes Week and I was running out of time. I went closet diving and found a long sleeve, thermal, Henley shirt that Mr. Wren regretted soon after buying because of the "fitted" cut, and a black & white sundress I last fit into before The Peanut arrived. Then I reached for something I knew would be quick, my tried 'n true  pattern, the Flashback Skinny Tee.

I kept the button placket from the Henley tee for the front of the bodice and saved the original, curved hem for the back of the shirt. I cut a straight hem across the front added side seam vents to accommodate the high-low hemline. I also used the original sundress skirt hem for the sleeves.

Upcycled Henley Tee + Sundress = Flashback Skinny Tee  -- Note the high-low hem and side vents | The Inspired Wren

I was going to make the collar out of a retired tie -- thanks to the button placket the collar wouldn't need the stretch of knit. But as the shirt came together I realized I wanted something bright. I have quite a few ties Mr. Wren as set aside, but none can be described as "bright." So I reached into my ever-growing stash of too-large-to-throw-away-to-small-for-any-one-garment scraps and came up with this piece left over from the asymmetric hoodie. Once I switched out the black buttons to match, I had just the pop of color I was going for.

Upcycled Henley Tee + Sundress = Flashback Skinny Tee  -- Great pop of color on the collar and buttons | The Inspired Wren

I thought this new shirt would be long enough to wear with leggings, however when I pair it with leggings it looks as if I've forgotten her pants. So of course now she really needs more pants; another project for another day. Unrelated, I have quite a bit of the B&W sundress floral left over and I'm already making plans for it -- keep your eye open for it in future Project Run & Play outfits.


Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae


Bodice: upcycled men's long-sleeve Henley shirt
Sleeves: upcycled women's sundress
Collar: scrap on hand


The collar is too loose -- this was my first time sewing the Size 5 for The Peanut so I'm not sure if it's the fit (too large) or my failure to cut the proper collar size. My best guess is that it's a combination of the two.
Learn from my mistake: I'm new to the serging game -- I was aware of the needle, forgot the knife is closer, and failed to remove a pin in time. The top of the knife broke off and flew up (never touched me, but I was grateful for my glasses nonetheless). Between the blade flying at my face and the cost to replace it, it's a mistake I won't soon repeat. Lesson learned.


The B&W, graphic floral sleeves and the pop of color on the collar and buttons.

Upcycled Henley Tee + Sundress = Flashback Skinny Tee  -- Love the graphic B&W floral! | The Inspired Wren
Finally got a snapshot on my phone of her wearing the shirt. Here the shirt is paired with now-faded After-School Pants.

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