Inspire Us Thursday, June 26!

It's Inspire Us Thursday! It's Summer! Grab your iced-tea or lemonade, lounge back on your virtual beach chair, pretend your toes are in the sand, and spend some time viewing all these links with me. Here you'll find a group of links dedicated to projects in fiber: yarn, thread, fabric, and floss. Maybe you're a quilter who will be inspired to try crochet. Or a sewer of clothing drawn in by a cross-stitch. Maybe you'll be inspired to put down the knitting needles and dust of your sewing machine. Be sure to check out all the links, you may be surprised where you'll find your next inspiration.

Inspire Us Thursdays: Sew Needle Stitch Hook. Join us for a weekly Link Party of sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, and crochet; of fabric, yarn, and embroidery floss; all on The Inspired Wren.
The most viewed link last week: Amelie And Atticus' Nano IRO A-Line Dress -- the gold detailing is perfect!

Since Summer's time is limited (no school = more time with The Peanut + less time here), I will be featuring the most-viewed link each week until the fall. This way I can spend time viewing all the links myself, instead of racing through to find only a few that catch my eye.

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Inspired Us Thursdays: Sew Needle Stitch Hook, a weekly link party of fiber arts. | The Inspired Wren

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Inspired Us Thursdays: Sew Needle Stitch Hook, a weekly link party of fiber arts. | The Inspired Wren


Keep to the medium of fiber.

Basically anything with fabric, thread, floss, or yarn is welcome—sewing of all kinds (sew), cross-stitch & embroidery (needle), knitting (stitch), crochet (hook).

Showcase your own work.

Please no link parties, giveaways, or advertisements.

Upload up to three links per week.

You can also link-up images from Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram (as long as it's your own uploaded work); so even if you don't have a blog of your own, you can still inspire others and get feedback by sharing your work with us here. But please avoid repetition from week to week, or even within the same week. 

That's it! If you see something you like, be polite and let the creator know with comments on their blog. And now it's your turn to link up!

You should really see all that goes into each project!
See what fabrics are on deck next for me to sew and follow along daily as The Peanut dresses in handmade clothes for #madeforkidsmonth. Updates on Instagram (and Flickr) of works-in-progress will give you that behind the scenes view you’re looking for, and sneak peeks of First Tuesday Tutorials, too.

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