April 8, 2014

Kids Clothes Week, Day 2

It Kids Clothes Week! In honor of KCW, and for just this week only, I will attempt to blog daily and document all sewing [through mostly cell-phone pics]. 

Kids Clothes Week: Sew clothes for your kids. One hour a day. Each day for seven days.

I spent two hours this morning working on this:
Inside-out dress: lined bodice with a pop-of-color underskirt.

Started with the underskirt seam.

Made some ruffles.

Made some more ruffles.

Sewed a whole lot of ruffles!

Until I got to this point. I need my model so I can decide the hem of the underskirt.

Then I spent another 2 hours this afternoon prepping pieces for Project Run and Play, Week 3:

Like a lot of home sewers, I trace onto freezer paper for ease of cutting and to preserve the original pattern.

Lots of tracing.

Then some cutting.

Followed by more cutting. [Hello, blurry phone-pic!]

Until I had one garment ready for construction.

And then I cut some more. It was risky next to that juice box, but I survived!

After The Peanut came home a little under the weather I sat down with her on the couch and sewed some buttons.

Ta da!!!

See those crochet pieces? They were prepped to be a sweater for this sleeveless dress. But that was when the dress was going to have a sheer white overlay. Now I've decided it's too much not-quite-matching green. I'm re-grouping (probably frogging the sweater) and I'll be cutting one more thing tonight. [I'd clearly be the one still sewing on the way to the runway while Tim Gunn tsk-tsked me out of the room.]

kid's clothes week

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You should really see all that goes into each project!
From my model preferring to wear washi tape on her belly button instead of the clothes I've sewn for her, to the ingenious way that I’ve re-purposed my favorite sewing tool, a chopstick, into a spool pin for double needle sewing on my machine. Daily updates on Instagram (and Flickr) of works-in-progress will give you that behind the scenes view you’re looking for, and sneak peeks of First Tuesday Tutorials, too.

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