February 18, 2014

Couch Craft: Crochet Hearts

I get on kicks where I make one tiny crochet piece and feel the need to make many more! During February I fell in love this crochet heart pattern. Made one and just kept on going.

I crocheted two different size hearts in white and two shades of pink, plus one random blue heart. I chained them into a garland as the source pattern suggest but I didn't like the look so I frogged it. Instead I decided to give the hearts yarn tails of various lengths. For hooks I used spiral paperclips that I had on hand; I bent back the top/larger part of the spiral and they hooked easily over the picture ledge above our couch.

I love the look of the random groupings, the various heights, and the color variations without pattern. 

Since I love doing these mini pieces over and over again you would think I would be the perfect candidate to whip up a granny square blanket. But I fear that I'll start and grow tired before I finish enough squares. I hate when a project I was once excited about becomes a chore. I have missed working on a blanket though. I believe an afghan is in my near future.



Crochet Heart Pattern by Skip to My Lou


Caron One Pound, various colors left over from previous projects (and therefore not labeled).


I love how fast these whip up. I could keep going and cover my house with hearts!


As I said above, instead of creating a garland I simply slipped a loop through the top of each heart for individual decorations. Now I need to find a box to store them in to save them from year to year.

You should really see all that goes into each project!
From my model preferring to wear washi tape on her navel instead of the clothes I've sewn for her, to the ingenious way that I’ve re-purposed my favorite sewing tool, a chopstick, into a spool pin for double needle sewing on my machine. Daily updates on Instagram (and Flickr) of works-in-progress will give you that behind the scenes view you’re looking for, and sneak peeks of First Tuesday Tutorials, too.


  1. These look so cute, Ren! I am a novice to crochet, but have been practicing some new-found skills making dishcloths. I have also made a few hearts, but I think I like this pattern better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks. This is an addictive pattern, I thought I was going to make one and then I just kept going.

  3. I love them dangling like that - much better than a garland! brilliant idea :) Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

    1. Thanks! I'm just happy I had the cute paper clips on hand or they may have been left un-hung and un-seen.