Bundle Up! It's a New Spring Coat

Penny Vintage Coat Set sewn by The Inspired Wren

Around this time last year I attempted a new light-weight coat for The Peanut. She's been wearing a coat I sewed for her over three years ago. But when I attempted the new coat last Spring, I was working from a Big 4 pattern and failed to check her measurements against their size chart. A year later it is still comically large across her shoulders and it remains a UFO (Un-Finished Object). Thank heavens for independent patterns, the Bundle Up! blog tour, and the Penny Vintage Coat by Ellie Inspired; finally, a new Spring coat.

Let me stop here and inform you that I was given a free copy of this pattern for review, but anything I say here is my own opinion, of course.

Bright pattern and darling silhouette -- great combo | Penny Vintage Coat Set sewn by The Inspired Wren

Bright pattern and darling silhouette -- great combo | Penny Vintage Coat Set sewn by The Inspired Wren
Hands in the pockets -- there are even pockets in the side seams!

When I was invited to join the Bunde Up! blog tour I was offered the pattern of my choice (from the eleven (11!) available). I initially chose the Vintage Penny Coat not for the coat, but for the kicky little knit dress that comes with it. Got that? There are two items in this one pattern. Then we had a warm day and The Peanut put on her old coat, and I thought, why not make the coat -- that one from last year isn't getting done anyway. Of course I hadn't planned the time for it so that meant I was still sewing yesterday. But tell me this wasn't worth it?

Bright pattern and darling silhouette -- great combo | Penny Vintage Coat Set sewn by The Inspired Wren
I retook pics in better light, but this grainy shot, taken when overcast, is still the best view of the front of the coat and I'd hate for you miss that.

This is a seriously darling coat. I know I've expressed my love of dark neutrals before, but if you can't wear bright prints in kindergarten, when can you? I adore the combination of the very full skirt and the bright, green print with her beloved blue lining.

Working those snaps -- buttons are still a challenge.

I left off the belt -- it would never get tied in this house -- and added piping where the skirt joined the bodice. I also added a hang-tab just below the collar and opted for sew-in snaps (behind the buttons) for ease of self-use. With The Peanut's input I decided to omit the bottom-hem ruffle. But I had already cut the length and didn't want to go any shorter. So I created a wide hem facing for the shell material and used a shallow rolled hem on the lining. Then I did not stitch along the hem when joining the lining and shell. 

The pattern includes wonderful details: from adding fleece at the shoulder caps for a more tailored finish, to detailed directions for three different levels of button-hole options. 

Gorgeous royal blue lining and interior details | Penny Vintage Coat sewn by The Inspired Wren
Simple, gorgeous blue lining and details I changed: hang-tab, snap closure, double hem.

But wait! There's more -- don't forget about the drop-waist knit dress.

Kicky little blue dress beneath a blue-lined coat -- love it! | Penny Vintage Coat Set sewn by The Inspired Wren

The pattern includes help sewing with knits and various options for binding the neckline and armscye. I opted for fold-over-elastic and then repeated it at the waistline. I lucked into the elastic and skirt fabric with white polka dots and then added a call back to the white dots with two simple white buttons at the neckline. It's a tad large on The Peanut now, but it's also a tad cold for sleeveless at the moment, so I'm okay with that.

Drop-waist knit dress  -- love the buttons as call-back to the polka dots big and small | Penny Vintage Dress sewn by The Inspired Wren
Polka dots big and small!


Penny Vintage Coat Set by Ellie Inspired


Coat, shell: 45" Home Essentials, Lainey-Panorama in Emerald (Joann's Fabric)
Coat, lining: Symphony Broadcloth in Dark Royal Blue (Joann's Fabric)
Dress, bodice: Sew Classic Knis, Royal (Joann's Fabric)
Dress, skirt: Azure Collection, Fukuro Dot Knit in Aqua & White (Joann's Fabric)


As per usual I cut and sewed one size longer than wide to fit my little beanpole; in this case Size 4 wide x Size 5 long. I need to work on attaching FOE (fold-over-elastic); it stands out and up more than I prefer.


The silhouette of the full-skirted coat on my little kindergarten sweetheart, and the combination of blues and dots on that kicky little dress I originally set out to make. 

You can get this pattern set (along with ten (10!) other patterns) as part of Girl's Bundle Up! at Pattern Revolution. Be sure to take some time to see all of these patterns interpreted by lots of fabulous bloggers as part of the Bundle Up! blog tour.

Ren Murphy writes for The Inspired Wren.

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