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Project Run & Play 2016

As a real-live contestant for Season 11 (squee!) I was knocked out after a rough Week 1 (boo!), but! I am still sewing along. Don't miss a single post from this season...

Project Run & Play 2015

I was able to play along for the first four challenges of Project Run & Play's monthly series last year. I had fun keeping those creations part of a mini-collection, loosely held together through color and fabric. Check out all four of those creations here or click through on a single look below.

Project Run & Play 2014

I began The Inspired Wren, in part because I wanted to participate in PRP. Soon after launching the blog I dove into sewing along with Season 9. I used all four challenges to create a mix-and-match collection. Click through to see more of each look and how well all the pieces combine into a mini wardrobe.

CraftingCon 2014

I participated in (and won!) Season 1 of CraftingCon with Harry Potter-inspired everyday (beach) wear -- to this day it remains my favorite challenge, project made, and post written. Perfect for Week 2 of PRP Season 11, no? Click that robe to read the winning entry or click the swim suit to see how it all came together.

Sneak Peeks, PRP Season 11

If you really want to see some sneak peeks of what I'm sewing up for Season 11, the place to find me is on Instagram (which also duplicates to Facebook). When I create I can't help myself from sharing "look what I just made!" every step of the way. The more excited I am about a project, the harder it is for me to hold back. I love sewing for a specific challenge and I am so very excited for Project Run & Play Season 11! Here we go...

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